We have driven every market in Northern California and we have created a comprehensive database of retail centers in the markets we serve. We know virtually every owner of these properties and WE HAVE ONE DATABASE.  Our database is built, maintained & shared throughout the company.  We share market knowledge and collaborate on every deal, because having agents compete with each other for your business just doesn’t make sense.

We could have stopped at bending the traditional brokerage model, but we didn’t.  We decided to go beyond it and offer our clients complimentary property studies and opinions of value.  We offer detailed Argus Discounted Cash Flow analysis, market surveys, and a multitude of consulting services.  After all, what good is a “full service” brokerage if it doesn’t offer… service?

While we were busy selling over a billion and a half dollars in retail properties, we found most assets sold by private investors are acquired by buyers with their own brokers.  So we practice TOTAL BROKER COOPERATION.  We don’t require buyer registration agreements (unless our clients demand one).  We don’t put up obstacles, make excuses or stall outside brokers.  Instead, we offer a cooperating broker fee whenever and wherever possible, and all our listings are posted on our website.